Welcome to Comunidad at Cal!

Welcome to Comunidad at Cal! A space for Cal’s Chicano/Latino students to express their perspectives on the world, our state, our campus, and their local communities. We are hoping that this space will reflect the intellectual, political, and experiential energy and diversity of Cal’s Latin@ community.

2013 is an especially important year to open up this type of dialogue. In the aftermath of the 2012 presidential election, the nation’s punditry was full of discussions about the critical role that Latin@ voters played in the election. It seems that finally, the sleeping giant had awakened. We expect that 2013 will bring debates about comprehensive immigration reform, efforts to curb gun violence, the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and other legislation that is critical to the future well being of Latin@s in the United States. Our youth are the ones that will be most affected by these changes. Over the course of the semester, Cal’s Latin@ students will provide their unique perspectives on this political reality and the challenges they face as they study, graduate, and move forward into their futures.

The Center for Latino Policy Research (CLPR) is excited to be hosting this important space. CLPR was founded in 1989 in response to the limited educational, political, and economic opportunities available to the state’s Latin@ population. It was student voices and protest about those limitations, and demands on the university and state to address their concerns, that made our center possible. Through our community-engaged research efforts, CLPR hopes to inject a Latin@ perspective into state and national public policy debates. Creating a space that highlights and disseminates Cal’s Latin@ voices, then, is a critical component of our mission.

New blog entries will be published bi-weekly throughout the semester, on topics of the students’ choosing. We hope you will come back, read, and maybe post your own ideas. At the very least, this space will make clear how talented, engaged, and articulate Cal’s Latin@ students are. And how lucky we are that our future is in their hands.

Con mucho aché,

Lisa García Bedolla

CLPR Chair


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